Thank you From a Reader

To Whom It May Concern:

This letter is on behalf of Bryan, Daniel, Ralph and Travis, and to thank you for your extraordinary services.

Every other day I received a phone call for a check-up, and every other day one of these guys was at my house
 trying to find an invisible rat. For an entire month. In terms of closing the openings to the house, they were here in one day. 

I think he was in my house about  four months. I did my homework and talked to other rodent removal services. 
None of them came close to impressing me the way Centurion did. 

When one of the guys (it may have been Ralph) told me one drop of water equals three days of life for a rat, 
I took him very seriously. Rolls of Bounty everywhere. Not a drop to drink. I believe that's what got rid of Ratzo Rizzo 
(I even named him). Daniel tried cameras. We think by that time he had finally left. 

I don't know how to express my gratitude and just plain admiration for the competency and professionalism of your staff
 and your business. 

I do think I'm going to have a problem (after all this) with the garage door opening as I come and go with my car. 
I don't think these rats (certainly not Ratzo Rizzo) have any fear. There may be another rat in here. It's definitely not the same one. 
They may come and go forever. I'm still unsure. I will contact you if I'm positive there's another one.

Regardless, my life has been forever changed by knowing I have found a company I can trust that specializes in Rat Removal. 

As for Bryan, Daniel, Ralph, and Travis, on a scale of 1 to 10, they are all 110s. I am truly grateful.

My humble thanks,

Deborah Wallis
Lago Vista, TX

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