Message from a customer


Hello – I read your website and thought I would reach out and explain our problem. Maybe you can help.

First, let me know if your company comes to the Fernandina Beach area. That’s where we are, can your Jacksonville Animal Control Office help us? Are we in your service area?

We have significant holes in the front and back yards. Do i Have a Dead Animal Removal concern? I have seen armadillos in the yard late at night, and they make a lot of rustling, too. I’ve tried putting down things to prevent them from becoming worse, but I’m losing the battle.

The other issue is that we rent our home. Technically, this is something the owner should pay for (through the property management company), but we have been given the runaround in every home issue we’ve had. The property management company does not even help us. So, I really don’t want to pay a lot to get help. I just don’t think I could get help from the owner, so if it’s a good price, I’m just going to pay it myself.

I can take photos if needed. Just let me know what to do next to eliminate this problem.

Thank you,


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