Link Between Rain and Mosquitos

How important is a rain storm?Black White Mosquito

A rain storm will create ample breeding sites for mosquitoes, the day of a storm and 5-6 days afterwards, it’s game on for mosquitoes! This is why…

The life span of a mosquito is strange because 2 of those entire life cycles are in plain water. Most of us know of mosquitoes flying around, biting us which makes us unhappy.

Standing water after a rain may be evident (such as puddles) however there are numerous places in people’s lawns with nooks and crannies that grab water.

The female mosquitoes create eggs in groups of around 300 (known as rafts) and put them directly onto the water surface. Just 1 teaspoon of water is necessary for mosquito breeding. Think of all of the places that could hold a tsp of water! Rats are similar, they don’t need much water to survive Titusville Rat Removal is a lot easier to handle than pesky mosquitoes of course.

The eggs hatch in 24 – 48 hours to mosquito larvae that are called ‘wigglers’. The larvae feed on microorganisms from the water like bacteria, algae, parasites, etc., . sweeping all accessible food in their submerged mouths. Gradually they come up to the surface to breathe through a straw-like component known as a siphon.

The pupae stage doesn’t have any feeding since the metamorphosis into adult happens.

When there’s a large rainstorm, there’ll be a number of areas with standing water that mosquitoes will discover. Adult females need protein to have the ability to make eggs and that protein stems from blood. They could bite people, livestock, birds, etc., . after a rain, females immediately begin searching for a blood meal and that may be you!

Then in 5 or 6 times, a baby crop of mosquitoes will probably hatch to begin the whole process over again. And again. Females can lay up to 300 eggs every 3 days and may live for up to 2 months. Now that’s plenty of blood suckers!

It is all about the rain to get mosquitoes.

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