Insulation in the Basement


Ok guys, we tried to figure this out. Shouldn’t be hard. There are to many people putting off or miss communication still. Paige and Anthony to my knowledge asked frank to call and set the jobs up. Frank just said he is waiting on an update. My guys showed up to do a job to a customer who 1st had no idea. Never got a call. 2nd she is moving and said we have to get out the way due to her purchasing a moving truck. Send me the list of insulation jobs and I will schedule and do this myself. I have no idea what is going on over there but you guys are killing me. I will handle my own scheduling till these jobs are completed and you can handle it. I am not trying to be mean. It’s simple. You make a list of insulation & Bat Guano Removal jobs, then you call the customer and schedule them. Why are we making our lives so difficult. I love you guys but I can have this. Either schedule the jobs and make sure they are confirmed or send me a list and I will take care of it and send you back days and times. Thank you.



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