How to Deal with Disgruntled Customers

Email from Customer

To Whom it May Concern: 
This is a follow up to my 1/13 letter in regards to services not being rendered. 
 It is not 2/1 and my home still does not have the repairs that I was promised over three months ago.  
I very disappointed with the quality of the exclusion that has been done on a limited area of my home. 
 When my salesperson came to my home, he pointed to another house to show me what the repair would 
look like when it was complete.  What I have seen so far is just wire around my roof, not what I was promised. 
 I do not know that my HOA will allow wire on the outside of my house.  I am again requesting to have 
my contract terminated and my money refunded immediately.
Thank you, 
Heather R

Heather I am very sorry your renovation for Animal Control Melbourne FL , entailing the removal of the critter from your basement and the clean up process did not go as planned. We have tried to reach out to you several times to correct this with no luck. You have a 100% warranty with us, if we can go out there and send a manager we can get this resolved for you asap. Please contact the office


Thank you

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