Animals in your Neighborhood

Recent reports of wild animals in odd locations are pretty common. In the eastern portion of america, homeowners frequently place food on their lawns.Possum, Opossum, Marsupial, Animal

Twenty years back, sightings of wild animals generally happened in environmentally appropriate places. These days, the deer roam behind shopping facilities and garden stores on the outskirts of towns.

Why are these crazy animals invading highly populated areas? The answer is straightforward. The people who moved to the new homes needed hospitals, schools, and shopping facilities so even more property has been paved over. Animals with survival skills learned to live with people, streets, and populated places.

As rural areas filled with bulldozers and noisy building equipment, a number of the wild animals fled the area. They moved towards the towns, traveling across the woods and highways. When they reached the suburbs, they discovered several sheltering trees and shrubbery. Deer found gardens. Foxes dined on mice, rats, and the occasional rabbit. Hawks patrolled back and fourth over lawns searching for birds or they hung out near the highways searching for rats or rodents.

Of course, some of wildlife has been useful to suburban areas. Their appearances are great for the area. But once those gorgeous deer begin munching on the azaleas they’re not so attractive.

Coyotes, in the west, in addition to the eastern coyotes who have improved their range considerably, eat rodents and other small critters, but may gobble up the family cat or a small dog.

The shrinking of natural habitats in our country is a classic story. Bison and elk lived on the East Coast, however their have been smaller versions on the West Coast. The colonists soon cleared the forest for farms, homesteads, along with the vast timber enterprise. Trappers went to the woods to harvest creatures’ for their furs.

Now there are just a couple hidden areas of virgin woods. The wildlife that depended on these areas are largely gone. America has produced several extinctions, for example the renowned passenger pigeon. Flocks of passenger pigeons were so enormous, they darkened the skies with their passing. Regardless of the tremendous quantities of the pigeons, none are left now. They were hunted into oblivion.

From the south, the Ivory Bill woodpecker lived in the low part of the woods and cypress swamps. But following the Civil War, wood companies invaded, making greater devastation than the war did. Trophy hunters shot occasional Ivory Bills, merely to prove that they were still about. As sightings diminished, and years passed, the Ivory Bill woodpecker was extinct, doomed by human growth.

The bison is a recognizable symbol in the United States. Bison are portrayed on coins, and they live in our memories as symbols of wildlife, and also stand as the signature creature of the wonderful American prairie. However, the American bison was hauled to the edge of extinction by hunting. Buffalo killing excursions were conducted from train windows, their bodies left to rot on the ground.

America has done lots of harm to wildlife in its brief history. The crazy things that recently invade the suburbs have an excellent ability to accommodate their new surroundings. So, the next time you see something strange, like a raccoon, Fort Lauderdale FL Raccoon Removal might be necessary or  something somewhat different, not a dog, and you question what you’re looking at – perhaps it’s a wild animal, a bear, a coyote, or a fox out there on your back yard.

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