Helping readers for years!

I’v been checking your website for years.  I Have rats in the garage since it is a wooden structure built in 1932.. The other day I found some one discarded a fast food bag with 2 pancakes soaked with the phony maple syrup.  I broke them in chunks and distributed next to the multiple Victor snap traps.  The rats would have to climb over the traps to get to the treats.  Sure enough the bait was stolen and two rats were caught, one with the snap bar across his middle.  So that worked.  I also had mice and groundhogs , plus raccoons!    I think I’ll leave them alone since they eat rats.   I like the Fenn traps from England.  They are really for outdoor use and have to be hidden so other animals don’t get caught.  I’ve seen some that looked to be 30-40 years old.  Thank David for procedures for Squirrel Removal Dallas.  I got 13 last summer from using modified blocking techniques since I couldn’t get to their burrows.  I also heard rats do not like steel wool  I suspect concrete and stainless steel wool would do the trick since it would cut their mouths.  I suspect Dave’s flashing technique would be best, though it might be impractical for most people.  I had carpenter ants on two occasions and got rid of them on my own.  I don’t know what to do about the brown ants, They are leaf eaters and are inoffensive.  I also had cockroaches from the nursing home my parents were in.  I bought roach traps (not really necessary) and used the boric acid powder.  It worked.  I dropped everything to do this.  Same thing with the rats.  I even made my own PB holders so the rats wouldn’t steal the bait.  I even told Havahart their rat traps should have bait holder cups similar to bird cages.  The rats would have to all the way back to the end of the cage and get caught.  They would be removable for cleaning of course.  When I first went on this website Dave was in Florida He’s expanded considerably.  He’s doing things right.  That’s why I go here.  Victor says use the foam.  They want the rats to come back so you buy more traps.


Insulation in the Basement


Ok guys, we tried to figure this out. Shouldn’t be hard. There are to many people putting off or miss communication still. Paige and Anthony to my knowledge asked frank to call and set the jobs up. Frank just said he is waiting on an update. My guys showed up to do a job to a customer who 1st had no idea. Never got a call. 2nd she is moving and said we have to get out the way due to her purchasing a moving truck. Send me the list of insulation jobs and I will schedule and do this myself. I have no idea what is going on over there but you guys are killing me. I will handle my own scheduling till these jobs are completed and you can handle it. I am not trying to be mean. It’s simple. You make a list of insulation & Bat Guano Removal jobs, then you call the customer and schedule them. Why are we making our lives so difficult. I love you guys but I can have this. Either schedule the jobs and make sure they are confirmed or send me a list and I will take care of it and send you back days and times. Thank you.



How to Deal with Disgruntled Customers

Email from Customer

To Whom it May Concern: 
This is a follow up to my 1/13 letter in regards to services not being rendered. 
 It is not 2/1 and my home still does not have the repairs that I was promised over three months ago.  
I very disappointed with the quality of the exclusion that has been done on a limited area of my home. 
 When my salesperson came to my home, he pointed to another house to show me what the repair would 
look like when it was complete.  What I have seen so far is just wire around my roof, not what I was promised. 
 I do not know that my HOA will allow wire on the outside of my house.  I am again requesting to have 
my contract terminated and my money refunded immediately.
Thank you, 
Heather R

Heather I am very sorry your renovation for Animal Control Melbourne FL , entailing the removal of the critter from your basement and the clean up process did not go as planned. We have tried to reach out to you several times to correct this with no luck. You have a 100% warranty with us, if we can go out there and send a manager we can get this resolved for you asap. Please contact the office


Thank you

Thank you From a Reader

To Whom It May Concern:

This letter is on behalf of Bryan, Daniel, Ralph and Travis, and to thank you for your extraordinary services.

Every other day I received a phone call for a check-up, and every other day one of these guys was at my house
 trying to find an invisible rat. For an entire month. In terms of closing the openings to the house, they were here in one day. 

I think he was in my house about  four months. I did my homework and talked to other rodent removal services. 
None of them came close to impressing me the way Centurion did. 

When one of the guys (it may have been Ralph) told me one drop of water equals three days of life for a rat, 
I took him very seriously. Rolls of Bounty everywhere. Not a drop to drink. I believe that's what got rid of Ratzo Rizzo 
(I even named him). Daniel tried cameras. We think by that time he had finally left. 

I don't know how to express my gratitude and just plain admiration for the competency and professionalism of your staff
 and your business. 

I do think I'm going to have a problem (after all this) with the garage door opening as I come and go with my car. 
I don't think these rats (certainly not Ratzo Rizzo) have any fear. There may be another rat in here. It's definitely not the same one. 
They may come and go forever. I'm still unsure. I will contact you if I'm positive there's another one.

Regardless, my life has been forever changed by knowing I have found a company I can trust that specializes in Rat Removal. 

As for Bryan, Daniel, Ralph, and Travis, on a scale of 1 to 10, they are all 110s. I am truly grateful.

My humble thanks,

Deborah Wallis
Lago Vista, TX